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what they say about intuitions

Amazing! It was incredible when Sanjeev revealed events from my past life. He revealed so accurately even to what was happening to me in present life! Sanjeev, your Intuition is really heart felt.

Vinod Narang-Air Vice Marshal Retd

I know Guru ji since 1994-95, I met him in Patna and my life was in shambles. I am thankful to God Guru ji introduced to me and whole life changed after my first sitting with him. I am greatful to him for my horoscope reading. He was so enlightened and intuitive to give accurate reading of my life.

Sanjay Gautam-Manager Vodafone,Guwahati

Hi Sanjeev! you are so informative and inspiring at major turning points of my life. I do strongly recommend Sanjeev for horoscope reading. His predictions are wonderful.

Jasbir Singh-London

As far as I am concerned, Sanjeev is not only a Master Astrologer but a wonderful person also.His practical approach to individual is worth appreciation. I do consult Sanjeev whenever its important issue in my life. He is inspiring and not a waste of money and time.

Arvind Gupta-Chandigarh

Sanjeev Bakshi..........Zindabad!!!!

Shadul & Shruti-Singapore

I met Sanjeev ji once, but it was moment of my life time! It was great to have sessions with an Astrologer of a great caliber. He goaded and guided me and showed me the way to peace and prosperity.

Rakesh Gupta-Kanpur
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