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Generally, we choose our stream of Education which is decided by ones parents or guardian. In this age of competitiveness, it all begin too early in life when one is not clear which way to go? An astrologer advice can help you out of this crisis. Which later shapes our career.[read more]

Vastu Shastra:
Vastu is ancient Indian literature related to buildings where we do live, reside, work or worship. Some of the fundamentals of Vastu-Shastra are flow of positive energy and bad results occur when we are in the wrong vastu of the certain place. A little correction to the existing structure or some adjustments to the life style gives astonishing results.[read more]

What line of career one choose or which profession is suitable? An Astrologer can guide you in away that you choose suitable service, Profession or Business[read more]

Words never die! There is a saying that check your words before you speak! They keep on floating in the universe and never come back. Mantras are recited to please celestial deities or heavenly powers to bless one with results.[read more]

Horoscope Making:
Horoscope is the fundamental chart to interpret ones future. An expert Astrologer interprets what is presented to him. If its mathematical calculations are wrong, the whole Horoscope is of no use! An authentic Horoscope is must.[read more]

Mangal or mars as said is not always bad if its forming a Mangal-Dosha in one horoscope. Delay in marriage, Separation, Divorce etc. are studied as per Mars placement in ones Horoscope. Other planets like Venus for Men and Jupiter for Women are equally responsible for said bad eventualities for Mars.[read more]

We are a mass of energy. Someone's energy is not aligned to give as much result as required! Gemstones acts like transistors in the circuit of energy which corrects the obstacles or blockades in the circuit and give marvelous results to obtain full quantum of energy flow which guides our destiny. [read more]

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